December 7th, The Thought Lot, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.  

What a joyous occasion! It was so fulfilling to see central PA come together this night. Headlined by Choo Jackson, the concert entailed  performances by myself, G.M.F. (Lefty Gunnz), and Cadet and Sav (former members of Phresh Muney). Big thanks to DJ Afterthought for coming through from Pittsburgh to take care of the 1's and 2's and shout out to Left Coast Media Group for the promotion and help throwing the event. The Thought Lot confirmed that this show was the biggest they had ever held there which is astounding! This was a big night for me as I was debuting my #FORGETBRENNAN music for the first time in front of a live audience. I could not be more grateful for the overwhelming positive feedback after my set. Huge thanks to Cory Pitkavish of Overall Ominiscense for this recap video as seen below.


December 30th, Rex Theater, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

What a great night for electronic music. Located on the infamous East Carson St, The Rex Theater is home to one of my favorite venues in Pittsburgh. I was honored to visually be a part of the Locally Grown Producers Showcase featuring Buku, Le Moti, Headphone Activist and Tenova, all of whom are Pittsburgh locals making waves in the electronic scene. I have the pleasure of personally knowing Buku and Le Moti from studying at the Duquesne University Music School years back and it has been awesome watching them grow musically. I remember hearing Buku's music my freshmen year of college knowing full well that he would one day make it doing just that, and what do ya know? Diplo is playing his tracks at festivals and he's touring the country getting millions of views on youtube! Have a look at this video I did summarizing the entire night.

Thanksgiving Eve Extravaganza.

When I was 16 I was hired at one of the restaurants in my hometown of Chambersburg, PA, a wonderful Greek establishment dubbed The Orchards. The better part of 10 years later I am still eating their food and drinking their beer everytime I come home and it is still just as good. Each year on Thanksgiving eve they throw the biggest banger. The party essentially turns into a highschool reunion of sorts and I had the opportunity to film the event this time around. Here's the commontion that ensued. Check out The Orchards here and watch the video below!


Ah yes, the NEON iCON himself, JODY HiGHROLLER aka RiFF RAFF made his way through the steel city last night. I had the aquaberry pleasure of meeting and chatting with him for a few minutes and I must say, he is the person you think he is. His aura eminated with a raspberry arrogance that was somehow not as arrogant as it was refreshing. He kept using the phrase "Here's Why" stating it in a jest like manner, seemed like an inside joke with his body guard friend, but none the less was hilarious. At one point, as you can see pictured, he was holding the mic like a baseball bat calling out names of old Pirates players, one being Andy Van Slyke and tossing pretzels in the air for a microphone/pretzel homerun. He kept referring to these two pretty darker skinned woman as "The Spicy girls" which was funny in itself. He honestly kept me laughing the entire time, very charistmastic, very quick witted. You should have seen the first influx of "groupies" or should I say "14 - 17 year old theres no way daddy knows she's wearing that" kinda chicks that walked in backstage at first. Yes, they were all kicked out by security for not being 21, or maybe it was for resembling toy penguins you would buy at Spencers. Nevertheless, RiFF's set was entertaining, he is a performer by nature and it definitely shows through. I ran into his tour manager/merch guy @mychaelwithawhy who I have known for a year or two now from meeting him at one of Mac Miller's shows back when and he confided in me that "If Riff had it his way, he would be up there with a full band singing straight Rock n Roll, he hates rap." Although said with a hint of sarcasm, It made complete sense to me. 

| Grain Series |

Recently found a lovely grain overlay that makes me wish I was hip enough to actually shoot film and be serious about it. Here are some photos from the past I threw that lovely grain on top of because I thought they deserved it. I had burnt spaghetti for dinner and am currently watching Santa Clause pt. 2 with a stuffy nose wearing a Notre Dame T shirt. I am working on being a better person and you should be too.