Ah yes, the NEON iCON himself, JODY HiGHROLLER aka RiFF RAFF made his way through the steel city last night. I had the aquaberry pleasure of meeting and chatting with him for a few minutes and I must say, he is the person you think he is. His aura eminated with a raspberry arrogance that was somehow not as arrogant as it was refreshing. He kept using the phrase "Here's Why" stating it in a jest like manner, seemed like an inside joke with his body guard friend, but none the less was hilarious. At one point, as you can see pictured, he was holding the mic like a baseball bat calling out names of old Pirates players, one being Andy Van Slyke and tossing pretzels in the air for a microphone/pretzel homerun. He kept referring to these two pretty darker skinned woman as "The Spicy girls" which was funny in itself. He honestly kept me laughing the entire time, very charistmastic, very quick witted. You should have seen the first influx of "groupies" or should I say "14 - 17 year old theres no way daddy knows she's wearing that" kinda chicks that walked in backstage at first. Yes, they were all kicked out by security for not being 21, or maybe it was for resembling toy penguins you would buy at Spencers. Nevertheless, RiFF's set was entertaining, he is a performer by nature and it definitely shows through. I ran into his tour manager/merch guy @mychaelwithawhy who I have known for a year or two now from meeting him at one of Mac Miller's shows back when and he confided in me that "If Riff had it his way, he would be up there with a full band singing straight Rock n Roll, he hates rap." Although said with a hint of sarcasm, It made complete sense to me.